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DigiGear, Inc. is your one stop source for all of your digital and lenticular products(3D Photo Print; EZ3D Photo Print).

We stock all digital camera accessories, including flash card adapters and readers.

We also carry a varied assortment of PCI, IDE, USB and FireWire flash readers for industrial and commercial applications.

Remember, for anything digital, Remember DigiGear!

DigiGear introduces DIY 3D Lenticular Photo Kit: EZ3D Photo Print

DIY EZ3D Photo Print Combo Pack Free Shipping US only

3D Lenticular Photo DIY Kit; Frame, Lenses, and Software included. Contains everything you need to convert your favorite images into 3D in just 3 easy steps! No Special 3D glasses required! Good for personal and photo shop; Print at home or now you can print at retail and on-line photo labs.

Auto 3D LCD Display 19"

Auto 3D LCD Display 19

No more 3D glasses! With naked eyes, you can view the 3D effects on the LCD monitor. Stereoscopic image is now widely used on education, media show, scientific research, medical care, entertainment, virtual navigation,etc. In the past, it isn't very convenient to view the stereoscopic images with 3D glasses. By using lenticular technology, now with Auto3D Display we can view the stereo effects without any 3D glasses for help.

Auto3D Display is a device of "Autostereoscopic Display" or a 3D LCD Monitor, which is prepared for those who need a 3D display for their specific applications like 3D Navigation, 3D Kiosk, Advertisement, Education, Entertainment, Scientific Research, Commercial 3D Presentation, ...etc. It is positioned as a dedicated 3D display device for professional and commercial use. As a result, the user should take care of his 3D content authoring job according to his application. But, don't worry. We also prepared a series of professional authoring tools for your options to facilitate producing multiple-view 3D images.

DigiGear introduces Low-Profile PCI to font-load PC Cardbus Adapter, PCD-TP110C.

Low-Profile PCI Bus to Front-Load PC CardBus Read-Writer Texas Instrument PCI1510

PCD-TP110CS is a high-performance PCI-to-PC Card Drive Unit that supports one independent card socket compliant with the 16/32-bit PC Card standard defined in 1997 PC Card Standard. Provides a rich feature set that makes it the best choice for bridging between PCI and PC Card in desktop computers. Compliant with the 16-bit PC Card specification defines in PCMCIA Release 2.1 and JEIDA 4.2 and can support any combination of 16-bit or 32-bit PC Card in the one socket, powered at 5V or 3.3V as required. The host system interface of PCD-TP110CS is compliant with the PCI Local Bus specification 2.2. PCD-TP110CS is register set compatible with Intel 82365SL controller and compatible with ExCA, it enables the PCD-TP110CS to support almost all of the PC Card applications including: SRAM card, Linear Flash card, ATA Flash card, Modem card and Wireless LAN card.

* PCD-TP110CS provides one front-access PCMCIA / CardBus socket solution for PC.
* PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.2 compliant.
* PCMCIA 2.1, JEIDA 4.2 compliant. 3.3V, 5.0V, or mixed 3.3V/5.0V operation.
* Intel 82365SL register compatible, ExCA compatible.
* The 3.5" front Drive Unit with built-in one socket is connected to the PCI Interface Board by using the flat ribbon cable.
* There are one PC card socket that can be used for Type I / Type II / Type III PC Card in this unit.
* Support IRQ steering (PCMCIA -16Bit), native driver built in Windows XP.
* Support IRQ steering (PCMCIA -16Bit), optional driver provided in Windows Me or Windows 2000

Supports PC Cards (Type I/II/II)
PCMCIA: 8/16 Bit, 8 MHz, 3.3/5V.
CardBus: 32 Bit, 33 MHz, 3.3 V.

Digigear Introduces PCIe Interface ExpressCard Adapter fpr UDMA Mode CF Card: CFEXP/DR25

Digigear PCIe Interface ExpreeCard Adapter for UDMA Mode CF Card


Compliant with ExpressCard standard running on PCI-e interface

Suitable for notebook / computer with ExpressCard 34 / 54 slot

Support CompactFlash Type I / Type II (both PIO and UDMA mode)

Extreme high speed for CF with UDMA mode -> read/write speed can reach 40MB/sec

Compliant with RoHS, CE/FCC certification

Ideal solution for flash memory cards of large capacity


DigiGear introduces PCIe to Expresscard Adapters, PCIe-101/PCE01, PCE10, and PCU10.

The Latest PCI Express supports 2.5Gb/s data rate for a fastest data transfer. This PCIe-101 accepts both 34mm and 54 mm express card and allows express card’s Hot- Plug and hot swap without power off the system. The PCIe-101 is an easy and quick installing to extend more applications for personal desktop PC using.

PCIe / PCI Express to ExpressCard 34/54 Drive Reader-Writer

The Latest PCI Express supports 5Gb/s data rate for a fastest data transfer. This PCE10 accepts both 34mm and 54 mm ExpressCard. PCE10 is an easy and quick installing to extend more applications for Indutrial PC using.

Industrial Grade Low Profil
                        Front Load PCIe/PCI Express to ExpressCard 5Gb/s Adapter/Reader/Writer

PCU10 supports USB-based ExpressCard/54 /34 adapters to any USB equipped computer

External USB to 34/54mm ExpressCard Adapter/Reader/Writer(Basic Type)

1 socket for USB 2.0 ExpressCard.

Quickly and easily adds one ExpressCard/54 slot (USB-based) to USB equipped desktop or notebook computers; allowing older systems to use the latest ExpressCard adapter cards

Works with USB-based ExpressCard devices including Wireless Wide Area Network modems (such as CDMA, EV-DO, GPRS, etc.), flash memory, flash card adapters, security, legacy I/O (PS2, serial, parallel), optical disk drives, GPS receivers, and more…

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